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AutoEye 2.0 was created to automatically improve digital images by rebuilding color detail, sharpness and image vibrancy.

AutoEye uses a totally different set of adjustment methods than Photoshop or other image editing applications. AutoEye does not use standard curves and histograms to adjust images on a global basis within the RGB or CMYK color space. AutoEye's unique methods result in image enhancements that are easier to attain and yield a higher quality result.

Reclaim lost color and detail

During the process of converting an image from analog to digital, a great deal of color and detail information is lost. AutoEye uses I.V.I.T, a patented Intelligent Visual Image Technology, to help it see images in a unique way and reclaim much of the lost detail and color and improve the overall appearance of an image.

Improve images with a single click

Not everyone has the time to perfect images with programs like Photoshop. AutoEye is a huge timesaver as it can instantly correct and enhance images with a single click.

Improve input and output quality

Regardless of your input and output workflow AutoEye can enhance your images. AutoEye can make both printed and web images sharper and more life-like.

* Enhance under or over exposed photos
* Enhance digital camera photos
* Enhance and correct scans in seconds
* Improve your photos before printing them
* Use AutoEye to sharpen resized images
* AutoEye works great for photo restoration
* AutoEye makes inkjet and dyesub prints better

AutoEye Enhancement Controls are easy to learn and quick to use. Complex algorithms and image adjustments are performed behind the scenes so you can stay focused more on the visual and less on technique.

Unlike image editing programs, AutoEye does not make you jump from one dialog menu to another and back again trying to find the right combination and order of adjustments to perfect your image.

Combine multiple adjustments together

In Photoshop and other image editing applications you must manually enhance images by working with Levels, Curves, Color Balance, Unsharp Mask, Contrast, Saturation, Adjustment Layers and other controls independently of each other. As you move between these dialogs your image information changes.

AutoEye makes images look brighter and more life-like by combining multiple correction technologies to an image simultaneously so you preview how sharpness, contrast and saturation work together or how adjusting the tonal range of an image will impact the colors.

AutoEye's advanced I.V.I.T technologies work together to sharpen, adjust tonal ranges, colors, saturation, contrast, remove color casts and fix other problems your image may have - all with precision control and automation.

The following are descriptions of what some of the controls in AutoEye perform:

Color correction
Corrects cast colors found in many digital files, and ensures that the color balance in the image is maintained consistently throughout the entire range of colors.

Adjusts an images highlights, shadows, and mid-tones for sharper tonal variance. Lifeless images will instantly jump off the page with richer contrast that guards against burning highlights or blowing out details in lighter areas of the image.

Rebuild detail
Enhances images to bring back lost detail and to sharpen the quality of the visual to closer match the original non-digital image.

Increases the vibrancy and enriches the color gamut of the digital file through a unique blending method. Saturation controls are subtle and work in combination with other color correction controls to give a more natural saturation to the colors in the image.

Selectively adjusts the relative lightness or darkness values within an image. Photos shot in low light conditions can benefit from an increase in the overall brightness values.

Tonal range
Adjusts the visual gamma of the image to increase or decrease the tonal values. This control makes flat images appear richer in tonal depth, and images with too much depth are lightened to be more balanced. Unlike curves and level controls found in many image editing applications, Tonal Range in AutoEye works to protect an images tonal range when it alters the brightness component of an image.

Works to remove moiré patterns produced when scanning printed images from newspapers, magazines, and fine art prints.

Advanced Real-World Film Grains

Creative options

AutoEye 2.0 features creative options that let you enhance the tone and feel of your visual ... add photo-realistic film grain, subtle contrast blending, creative blurs blended across tonal ranges of the image and more. Lots of easy to use creative power helps you take the average shot and make it exceptional!
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