Featured: 1300+ Premium Overlays Bundle from PhotoWhoa

My friends at PhotoWhoa offer a constantly changing and seemingly endless supply of photography-related software, presets and training – some free and most discounted.

I asked them to write a post about their current featured offer, the 1300+ Premium Overlays Bundle.

Before we get started, here is one of my own scenic photos treated with two of these overlays, both with wonderful and totally different results:

Unlock Your Photographic Fantasies with the 1300+ Premium Overlays Bundle

Digital photography has changed the way photography works – the art of taking a great picture is no longer dependent on just a perfect click, in the perfect light and settings; in fact, a lot more comes into play. With photo manipulation and photo editing out on the table, photographers can now give their finished products an amazing, whimsical twist that was previously not possible with traditional photography.

With the help of these exciting new features, such as light leak overlays, photographers can bring to life concepts that only dwelled in their imaginations. And if you want to reach your true potential as a professional photographer, it is important you utilize these features too!

The Magic of Overlays

This brings us to the magic of Overlays! Great overlays are a photographers’ dream. They can literally help you transform your photographs. Whether you want to give your family portraits a warm, holiday feeling or want to spice up a boudoir photo shoot with some sensual falling petals or want to give a dramatic gothic look to your product photography with the help of some gothic vines, these overlays can help you bring to life your wildest photographic fantasies.

However, most of us find our enthusiasm thwarted when dealing with overlays. Either the overlays are too tacky and unnatural, or they simply just do not work with your photo software. And the rare times when they actually work and are also of a great quality, you get tired of using the same overlay again and again. This is why we recommend the 1300+ Premium Overlays Bundle. Packed full of magical overlays, this bundle provides you with all the variety you need, along with the ease of application! If you are still not convinced, read on for more details!

How it Works

1300 + Premium Overlays Bundle is an overlays pack – a collection of over 1300 high quality, premium overlays. These overlays are easily extractable with any photo editor. They can mount on your existing image or photograph and give it a totally new aura. Whether you need falling raindrops, snowflakes, leaves, petals, feathers or even anything else, this extensive collection helps you get all sorts of results.

Why Photographers Love It

There are many reasons why photographers are falling in love with this bundle. Here are some of the most winning benefits of this bundle pack:

Variety: Every photographer knows they are only as good as their creativity, which means they need to churn out constant variety in their work, or they are in danger of becoming old and boring. Just as photography styles can quickly become run-of-the-mill, applied features and overlays can become stale too. This means you need to be on a constant hunt for new and more overlays for your photographs.

The 1300+ Premium Overlays Bundle takes care of this bit for you by providing extensive variety. The options are so many and so versatile, that you can literally use them in a million ways! This keeps the freshness alive and the wow factor intact in your work!

Ease of Use: The Overlays come packed in jpeg and png file formats. This means the files are compatible for use with ANY software or photo editor. They mount effortlessly with all software, allowing you ease of use and easy application. This makes the overlay application quick, swift and easy. With only a few clicks you get your desired results.

Compatible with any software: The premium overlays bundle can be used with any software that allows you to work in layers. You can use the software of your choice and be assured the results will be according to your likings. The overlays do not get distorted in quality or resolution –they effect stays the same across the board, no matter which software you choose to use.

24 Hour Technical Support: And even if you do run into any technical problems with the application, PhotoWhoa provides you with 24 hours of technical support. All you need to do is ask for help, and you will get the answers quickly!

Discounted Price: This brings us to the best part. While the bundle is available for $50 or more on other websites, Photo Whoa is offering it at an amazing discounted price of $39! All the 1300+ Overlays spread across 40 categories, available for only $39.

If you are looking for a great light leak overlay bundle, the 1300+ Premium Overlay Bundle is a perfect choice. Combining ease, variety, and quality in one bundle, it gives life to your best ideas! Use it at a great discounted price and also avail yourself of special technical support from PhotoWhoa. Not only will you love the bundle, it will also give your Photography business a new spark!

NOTE: Use coupon code PLUGSNPIXELS when ordering and save an additional 10%!