Focusing on: Photolemur 2

I’ve spent most of the day playing with a cool new image enhancement app called Photolemur, the new version 2 (non-subscription, permanent license model) having just been released.

Photolemur is a very simple app that goes a long way towards fixing up bad images and even further improving good ones. I posted a review on the main website so I won’t go into all the details here, but I will show you some alternate images not seen there.

This is a non-DSLR image taken from an airliner window, as seen within Photolemur. Most of my shots taken in this manner are blah and hazy, but Photolemur scrubbed the grime right off:

Here’s another shot, this time from ground level but with a bit of the same haze problem. Photolemur perked it up noticeably but not obnoxiously:

A dull day at the beach is brightened up:

Below are before-and-after images, the original ocean scene and the result as exported from Photolemur:

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