I still can’t paint, but I can use DAP in Windows

In my last post I showed some examples of turning your photos into artwork using Topaz Impression, which is a cross-platform solution. Today I will show you something for Windows-only (unless you run a virtual machine on your Mac or use a Hackintosh, and I do both 😉 ): Dynamic Auto Painter (DAP).

I don’t have an arrangement with the developer to get you a discount at this time, but this is a very cool app that I’ve long admired and I wanted to make you aware if it. The link above will give you the details on this “famous painter style”-inspired app, so I’ll let the screenshots and results below do the talking.

First up, here is a film-based shot I took somewhere near Victoria BC in the early ’90s with treatment from DAP. An otherwise dull original scene turned out to be a really nice art piece:

When I’m working on my artsy I’m really bad at making notes of which presets I used, so here is a screenshot of Dynamic Auto Painter where you can get an idea of a small section of the Presets offered (left of screen):

Here’s another screenshot showing DAP just as it finishing treating this image, with the Painter tab active. You can watch the app as it paints and paints and paints, and jump in whenever you wish to interrupt it or add some manual touches of your own.

Here are a few more of my film-based images processed with different (but who knows which!) DAP presets. If I didn’t tell you these were old 1990s shots, would you know? Artsy is so forgiving:

Download the demo and try it out for yourself.

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