Topaz Clarity news: Included in Topaz Studio, discounted

Topaz Clarity is now a part of Topaz Studio!

To celebrate, Topaz is giving a 30% discount on the Clarity Pack in the Topaz Studio Store, priced at just $34.99 through September 12th, 2017. No coupon code is needed (the price is automatically discounted in the store).

With improvements to the Precision Contrast and HSL Adjustments, combined with selective masking, blending, and other tools available for free within Topaz Studio, now you can access the power of Topaz, faster than ever!

• Included as Studio Adjustments – Going forward, you can access Topaz Clarity from the Studio application directly. That means Clarity can now be accessed without a paid host editor!

• Faster Processing and Startup Speed: New GPU processing utilizes the powerful rendering capabilities of your graphics card to exponentially increase your workflow speed. More creating and less waiting.

• Improved contrast separation algorithm for unique independent control of targeted contrast, lighting and color manipulation.

• Use all the powerful masking, healing, correction and other tools within Topaz Studio for free, instantly accessible when you open Clarity in Topaz Studio

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1 thought on “Topaz Clarity news: Included in Topaz Studio, discounted

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