Topaz Detail added to Studio; save 25%

Topaz Detail is the next plugin to be added into the Topaz Studio platform. There is a 25% off sale going on through 10/19.

Topaz Detail is designed to give you crystal-clear sharpness from real image details.
Sharpness is the first thing you experience in a photo. And when you see an image where it’s done really right… it’s shockingly beautiful. It’s almost surreal. Because that’s something that we don’t see everyday: a photo where every single detail jumps out at you, grabs your attention, and never lets go. Most image sharpeners apply global sharpening to the entire image, causing undesirable halos and other side effects.

Topaz Detail is different. Detail identifies small, medium and large structures in the image, and allows you to manipulate their sharpness separately, with no halos or artifacts. The result? Naturally sharp images other photo editors can’t reproduce, and the ability to completely change the style of your image.

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