COMPANY: fo2PIX Ltd. | URL: N/A | TYPE: Plug-in | PLATFORM: Mac, Windows | PRICE: No longer available
Topaz Lab's Simplify offers simplification effects similar to the discontinued buZZ line.
For the first time and unique to the buZZ range, buZZ.X lets you to run a desired effect or style across multiple images allowing the creation of stunning artistic video. Create a living painting! buZZ.X contains 8 scriptable filters: Simplifier One, Simplifier Two, Simplifier Three, Highlights Color, Highlights White, Lowlights Black, Pure Color and Simplifier HSV. Highlights Color, Highlights White and Lowlights Black are the three new feature-extraction filters that have been added since buZZ.Pro 2.0 Also included is a selection of Photoshop-compliant Actions that allow you to apply a particular style to one or a series of images.

The buZZ.X Action Sets comprise 32 separate Actions including the following:

buZZ.X ACTIONS-Old Stacks. These 11 Actions replace the old Stacks found in buZZ.Pro 2 or buZZ.Pro 1. Each Action produces a special effect on a single layer. The 11 actions are: Bright Color Wash, Colored Edges, Color Patches, Gloss Layer, Ink, Palette Knife, Pure Color Wash, Sketch 1, Sketch 2, Soft Color Wash, Watercolor.

buZZ.X ACTIONS-New Stacks These are 12 new Actions that have been written for this release of buZZ.X. They use the new filters that have been built into buZZ.X. Each Action produces a special artistic effect on a single layer. The 12 new actions are: Accentuated Fine Black Flecks, Accentuated Fine White Flecks, Black and Gray Squares, Black-Edged Flecks, Colored Squares, Color Patches 2, Fine Scale Highlights, Fine Scale Lowlights, Molten Edges, Pure Color Highlights, Ragged Edges, Smooth Light Areas.