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From time to time, at the discretion of the various developers whose software we list on this site, Plugs 'N Pixels will offer free or discounted software to a limited number of winners in the form of time-sensitive contests.

These contests are only open to those on the Plugs 'N Pixels mailing list. To join the list, click here to
send us a signup email and you will be contacted periodically regarding each new contest. You will also occasionally receive each new free Plugs 'N Pixels newsletter and ezine as it is published (in the form of an attached PDF). List members also occasionally receive informational emails from us about discounts being offered by various software developers as they occur. Other than being used for these purposes, your email address is not sold or shared or otherwise abused!
Winners of our latest contest for a free copy of Topaz Adjust 5: Architecture, Alan Johnston; sunrise/log cabin, Barry Baugher; welder, Dave Sterling. Honorable Mention (flowers): Terry Whitford. Congratulations to all!
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Winners of the past contest for a free copy of Topaz B&W Effects: Below left, David L. Lawrence (; below right, David Nutter; bottom, Johan Vanhauwaert

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries to this most recent contest! There were more entries than usual so I asked some of my professional colleagues to help with the judging. While their three final favorites were not unanimous, a few common selections appeared which helped me narrow down the three finalists. Judges were:

Davis Barber (corporate and editorial video and photography)

xtine Burrough (DesignEducator)

David DeVries (co-author of "Photography & Digital Imaging")