COMPANY: theimagingfactory | URL: | TYPE: Plug-in | PLATFORM: Mac, Windows | PRICE: $99.95
Conventional B&W photography is an artform. An artform that need not be lost by going digital. Have you ever used color filters to enhance or dampen certain color areas? Did you ever meticulously seek out your film in order to get the result just right? Convert to B/W Pro allows you to do exactly that with digital images, all within your favorite image editing application.

Now, of course, there are certain advantages in going digital as well. How about controlling the exposure of the film negative, interactively and on a per-image basis? How about combining the best of both worlds through the color sensitivity of Tri-X, combined with the versatility of Multigrade? Like to create a sepia-tone? Pick any color, no hassling with chemicals!

Results can be viewed interactively, and fine-tuned to your personal taste. This is probably the only product that allows you to give those B&W photographs your personal signature.

Features include:

Prefilter Color
Define any color hue and intensity for prefiltering the image. The result can be seen interactively so subtle color differences can be judged easily.

Color Response
Define any color response by using the intuitive controls, which allow you to adjust the color sensitivity of the film at the six primary and secondary color areas. Defaults for several film types such as TRI-X and T-MAX are available.

Tonal Response
Powerful sliders control the negative exposure, paper exposure, and paper contrast through an interactive multigrade value (based on Ilford's digital multigrade curves).

Sepia Tone
Select between two types of Sepia tone, pick any color through the Photoshop colorpicker, and adjust the intensity using an interactive slider.