COMPANY: Auto FX Software | URL: (See links below) | TYPE: Standalone/Plug-in | PLATFORM: Mac, Windows | PRICE: $199

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Buy Auto FX DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 is a suite of powerful visual effects that allow anyone, professionals or novices alike, to create beautiful images and artwork. DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 lets you achieve visual results that are difficult or impossible to attain using any other software.

AutoFX has added 12 new effects to the already well established product base. In DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1, you not only get these brand new artistic effects, you also get all the content formerly in the 3 products known as DreamSuite Bundle. This includes an upgraded version of DreamSuite One, DreamSuite Two, and DreamSuite Gel.

Several presets have been added for each product of the past as well as the new artistic content. This is the perfect blend of artistic effects for those waiting to enhance their digital images like the Masters of Old, as well as the perfect tools for Graphic Artists and Web Designers.

Create amazing results with all of your digital images and see what magical expressions you can create with simple, easy to use tools applied to your digital canvas. The DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 series of effects work as a stand-alone application and as an Adobe Photoshop plug-in for Mac and Windows users.

It is not difficult to master the image enhancement techniques in DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 due to its intuitive nature. The AutoFX team has worked hard to deliver software solutions allowing the user the ability to use their digital imaging software without difficult terminology and without a large learning curve.

Wide Array of Effects with Substance

With the already established product base of the former DreamSuite Bundle, the new DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 increases the number of simple to use visual enhancement tools previously available in the entire release of the DreamSuite Bundle. User results can create an infinite number of variations that can be achieved within this suite of products.

The DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 interface design includes a streamlined workflow with larger and faster before/after previews, an improved rendering engine, brush palettes, new effect layers, easier brush-on/brush-off tools, instant effect presets with larger previews to give the user the most comprehensive tools in the industry. Easily apply an effect to the entire digital image or to the areas you want with the precise Brush-On/Brush-Off tools.

Whether the user is applying effects to people, products, or natural landscapes, DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 offers an array of filters that can add subtle to striking effects to enhance and enrich your digital images and photos. 12 additional upgraded enhancements under the new category of Artistic Effects include Color Pencil, Charcoal, Oil-Traditional, Watercolor and Pastel Crayon as well as many others.

Through Graphic Effects, the user can create highly expressive stylized images that can be applied to letters, words, phrases, or rasterized images through the use of such filters as Gel, Gel Mixer, Liquid Metal and Chisel yielding a better result that using layer styles alone.

The filters in Photo Effects 1 provide the user with creative tools needed to enhance interesting graphical expression in digital images such as Crackle, Deckle (torn edges), Crease, Mesh and Cubism. Additionally, 35 mm frame, 2.25 frame and 4×5 frame are other useful tools used to present your photo’s in an interesting way.

The filters in Photo Effects 2 are able to generate specialized creative effect enhancements needed to apply to composition with other effects. Many times these creative effects are very difficult to generate by other software programs and require difficult processes, actions, and are completed by several lengthy steps requiring a great deal of knowledge. Eliminate wasted valuable time eventually leading to degraded creativity and finally frustration.

Mosaic, Puzzle Pieces, Tile, Tape and Wrinkle are just a few of the many filters that can be applied in seconds allowing continuation without interruption of complex processes so as to not stifle the graphic artist's creative workflow.

Easy to Use Interface

The new interface design includes a streamlined workflow with larger and faster before/after previews, an improved rendering engine, brush palettes, new effect layers, easier brush-on / brush-off tools, instant effect presets with larger previews to give the user the most comprehensive tools in the industry. Easily apply an effect to the entire digital image or to the precise areas you want with the scalable Brush-On / Brush-Off tools.

Get Started Faster with Ready-Made Presets

DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 includes a selection of instant preset effects giving the user an easy starting point to work from. Now anyone can design their own presets and save them for later use on other images which gives the user total originality in their images. Click ‘Select Preset’ (cursor highlighted in yellow) and you are there. The new roll-over before/after preset controls display examples of how the effect will look after applied. Customized User Created Presets can be limited to just one effect or several stacked together providing a wide array of user control and creativity.

Combine Effects Together Using Layer Effects Palette

As you use DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 you will find that it’s easy to combine effects together to create that perfect digital image needing minor to major lighting adjustments. Simply check your layers on/off to see how the image appears with or without a particular effect in the stack.

The user notices on/off as indicated by a green check mark for active or a red X for inactive. When the user chooses one particular layer effect to de-activate of the other layers will remain ‘active’ providing the enhancement and refinement desired. A yellow highlight indicates the particular layer you are currently working with to increase or decrease the enhancement through the sliders and tools.

DreamSuite Effects Palette

The list of effects are organized so it’s easy to find and apply them under the ‘Select Effect’ menu. Whether you are using the product individually or part of a product suite, quickly find the perfect enhancement you are looking for. It’s easy to find any enhancement solution, simply search for the desired effect by its heading.

Fast and Easy Brush-On Effects

Get exactly the look you’re after with powerful brush on effects. Easily apply an effect to the entire photo or just to the areas you want with the Brush-On/Brush-Off tools. The Brush On/Off Tools are so precise you can control all the way from a single pixel to the entire digital image in one stroke.

DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 Works Great with...

DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 is tightly integrated with Adobe Photoshop and works as a plug-in filter accessible under the filters menu in Photoshop. Saving in Adobe Photoshop format as a plug-in will export the effect layers into a single transparent layer in an Adobe Photoshop native document.

Auto FX Software alsoworks great with Adobe Photoshop Elements as well as Corel Draw and Corel Paintshop Pro. Auto FX Software doesn’t require any special skills or techniques to use and is easy for everyone from beginners to masters.
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