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Got Scanner Dust? Get DustKleen!

DustKleen removes dust on your scanned images. DustKleen will automatically attempt to identify dust and defects in a scanned image. Occasionally there may be some dust and defects that are not found because they are similar to image content.

The DustKleen technology is unique in that it combines the speed of an adjustable automatic correction mode with the flexibility of a manual touch up correction mode. The result is a very fast way for the user to correct the image while viewing the results of their automatic settings and manual touch ups on the screen in real time.

The dust automatically identified by the program can be highlighted in yellow on the image by turning on the highlight button (as shown in screenshot at left).

By selecting the Automatic mode, the user has the ability to adjust sliders for dust size, dust amount, and aggression. The affect of changing one or more of the automatic settings can be seen on the screen after the automatic method recalculates the defects and correction amounts.

If additional corrections are desired, the Manual touch up mode can be used. The user can adjust sliders for dust size and brush size. The manual ‘Add Touch Up’ mode allows the user to be very precise about which elements of the image are to be corrected. The yellow highlights can be turned on and off to assist in the image correction process.

In addition, the user can undo any changes in reverse order that were made to the image. The ‘Undo’ button can only remove the manual corrections. The ‘Undo’ button eliminates all the manual corrections in sequence in order to get to the one that the user needs to adjust.

The user may also use the ‘Remove Touch Up’ brush to erase all previous corrections, automatic and manual, in a specific area of the image. This ‘Remove Touch Up’ function is unique to Image Trends and is much more powerful than the use of the ‘Undo’ button. The ‘Remove Touch Up’ brush can isolate the area and remove all corrections, both automatic and manual, in a specific area.

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