COMPANY: ICT | TYPE: Plug-in | PLATFORM: Mac, Windows | PRICE: Varies
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With LucisArt, users can repair image exposure, reveal incredible image detail and create beautiful artistic effects. LucisArt provides complete creative control of digital images, enhancing the smallest detail in bright and shadowed areas simultaneously. You've never seen effects like these! Make the most of your digital photographs. Play with your digital images. Extract the possibilities, the art hidden inside your image.

Based on patented technology originally developed for medical and scientific imaging, LucisArt gives you incredible creative control of your image and amazing access to image content.

LucisArt features

With LucisArt you will quickly and easily explore the creative potential of your image. Once you see a version of your image that you like you may be able to determine how to approximately duplicate that LucisArt artistic effect using other methods. But that is time consuming. And you would not know that the LucisArt version of your image was even possible except for LucisArt revealing it to you. Use LucisArt multiple times or in conjunction with other image processing methods to even further expand the variety of artistic effects.

Save Time
Professional photographers need to quickly repair images and create salable artistic effects. LucisArt lets you quickly explore your image and see what it could become. You will create artistic effects in a few minutes that would take much longer to even approximately achieve with other image processing methods (if those artistic effects could be achieved at all). This could save hours of image-processing time for professionals processing multiple images.

Quick learning curve
The LucisArt controls are intuitive and easy to use. There is no manual. Create your first LucisArt image in as little as 5 minutes.