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Above: Original vintage photo. Left: The same photo aged further with both an amoeba frame and antique frame, layered in PhotoFrame Pro. Below: Screenshots of the built-in Library frames and Preset options (Helene Glassman collection shown).
Buy onOne Software's PhotoFrame really puts you into the digital darkroom. It is now easier than ever to add realistic film and darkroom edge effects to your images. You can also add artistic edges like torn paper, brush strokes or even create full-on layouts with backgrounds, textures and adornments. Add the perfect finishing touch to your images with a library of professionally created edge effects and design elements allowing you to create an infinite number of effects that really make your images stand out.

The all new PhotoFrame comes in two editions, Professional and Standard. Both editions share the same base content of 1,000 frames and have the same exact feature set allowing you to search, find, combine, modify and apply frame edges & adornments in real-time. PhotoFrame Professional Edition will give you an additional set of nearly 300 frames, textures, overlays, adornments and presets that were designed by some of the top Photoshop gurus and trainers of our time including Jack Davis, Jim DiVitale, Dave Cross, Laurie Excell, Helene Glassman, Kevin Kubota, Rick Sammon, Vicki Taufer and Vincent Versace. (See examples here).

New Content Library Window
The new Content Library window in PhotoFrame lets you search, browse and preview frames, backgrounds, textures and adornments on your image. You can see just what it will look like with your image. A new streamlined light-table style view allows you to search and sort frames quickly and with the improved preview quality you can zoom-in which makes picking the right frame easy. You can even rate frames and mark them as your favorites so you can find them faster in the future.

Optimized Content
The frame content in PhotoFrame has been completely re-mastered. onOne removed all of the fluff and got it down to just the best of the best frames. Then they added only the new frames that you have been asking for. More realistic film edges along with new textures, backgrounds and adornments. This cutting-edge content gives you a leg up on creating a modern look for your images and albums. If you love all the older frames you can download them for free from the onOne website, giving you access to over 4000 frames.

Improved Presets
You've created the perfect look by stacking several frames or elements together, now save it as a preset so you can easily use it again in the future. PhotoFrame now gives you previews with your presets so you can see what they look like. You can now also share your presets with other users of PhotoFrame as well as download presets from the onOne Exchange.

New Scale Image Layer
New to PhotoFrame is the ability to resize and even reposition the image layer. This makes it easy to make your image fit into a frame without losing any of your image. It also makes it easy to get the perfect sized image inside a matted frame. You can even use this new feature to create full-on page layouts for flush-mount albums or scrapbooks.

New Rulers and Guides
If you need to control the size and placement of a frame accurately, PhotoFrame is for you. PhotoFrame 4 now comes complete with the rulers and guides. The full-featured rulers make adjusting position with precision easy. You can even set them to measure from the center out so you can center a frame easily. With the guides you can make sure your alignment is spot on.

Improved Color Picker
The color picker in PhotoFrame is new and improved to give you a larger array of colors to pick from, including a complete grayscale gradient. You can even type in your color values directly for the ultimate control. Access Photoshop's color picker is just a click away giving you access to Pantone color libraries and precise web colors.

New Batch Processing Engine
PhotoFrame includes the new batch processing engine - introduced in PhotoTools Professional Edition - that lets you add frames to, change file size, type and color space of an entire folder of images. You can even create two files at the same time, one for print and one the web and even add a watermark to the versions for your website. It makes applying frames a whole lot faster and more efficient.

New Output Options
The new options palette allows you to control how the frames are applied to your image. You can add the frames to the current layer, or a new layer. You can also have each frame rendered to its own layer so you can make further adjustments or masking in Photoshop. Last but not least you can even apply a frame as a layer mask so you can selectively blend multiple layers together. In PhotoFrame the output quality has been improved for large images and the on-screen preview now displays your layer options just like they will appear in Photoshop.

Lightroom and Aperture Integration
Now you can use your favorite frames right inside of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom or Apple Aperture! You can apply a preset to a single image or an entire batch. You can even open one image to adjust the frame settings and then apply it to a selection of images right in the workflow application you use. It's never been easier to add a frame to your images.

Video Tutorials
PhotoFrame is packed with a dozen built-in video tutorials that take you from a beginner to a framing pro. There are movies to help you learn how to find the right frame, how to apply and adjust them, even how to create layouts for your albums right in PhotoFrame.

PhotoFrame Pro Edition: Borders, edges & adornments
PhotoFrame includes over 200 new borders, edges and adornments that are sure to please even the most discerning photographer. With fresh new content that is in high demand, there's something for everyone in PhotoFrame.

New content library
With all of the new content in PhotoFrame, you deserve a new way to manage, organize and find it. The new content library window allows you to search, rate and flag the PhotoFrame content so it makes it easier than ever to find and apply to your photos.

Lightroom & Aperture support
PhotoFrame Professional Edition lets you add an edge effect, adornment or preset layout to your photos directly within Lightroom and Aperture. The seamless integration with these two applications and PhotoFrame Professional Edition makes it easier than ever to customize your photos.

Real-time previews
PhotoFrame is a full-fledged plugin application so you get real time previews of the edges and adornments you're adding. Resize, rotate and adjust a wide variety of settings and see the results in real time. It beats any action or manual layer adjusting hands down.

Built-in presets
PhotoFrame Professional Edition includes a wide range of presets that combine several different elements to get you started. This is the perfect way to get started to see just how far you can push PhotoFrame.

Improved randomizer
The PhotoFrame randomizer has been updated to include random blending modes when applying random frames. Additional options limit the selection of random frames to just monochromatic frames for example.

Improved Color Picker
PhotoFrame includes a new color picker that gives you a larger choice of colors to choose from including a complete grayscale gradient as well as allowing you to manually input your own color values by number. You can even access Photoshop's color picker giving you access to Pantone color libraries and precise web colors.

Updated user interface look and feel
The user interface in PhotoFrame has been completely updated. It now features the dark, understated user experience that onOne customers love. It puts your image as the center of attention. The controls are placed logically and the preview quality has been improved as well.

Library management
New in PhotoFrame is the ability to change the location of your frame library. You choose the drive and location. You can even automatically relocate the library later if you need to. Also if you create and add your own frames you can have them automatically added to your Library so you don't lose track of their location.

Exchange Presets
The onOne Exchange will soon have presets for PhotoFrame in addition to the free presets currently available for PhotoTools.
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