COMPANY: Human Software | URL: (See Buy links below) | TYPE: Plug-in | PLATFORM: Mac, Windows | PRICE: $149.95
Squizz 4.8 Features:

Brush tool for stunning image distortions, with the new freeze option! With the exclusive Hand Distorting Virtual Brush Tool, you can brush and sculpt directly onto your photos and create instantly amazing distortion effects, in real time on an image of any size and with unlimited undo. An unlimited undo allows you to brush back with more or less strength to adjust the change.

Advanced Grids
* A unique Grid Warping with the help of a mesh lets you move points of the overlay grid in any direction to expand, pinch and distort like a rubber desktop.
* You may decide to turn your grid as a set of Bezier curves.
* Save any distortion effect and reapply it on another picture!
* You can adjust the number of steps independently in X and Y direction on your grid.
* You can recall another image as a template to precisely adjust your grid!
* Advanced controls for the grid creation including resize, rotate and a distortion mode for changing easily your grid
* Grid Colors
* Multiple layers of Grids
* Brush and create a freeze area

* A Bezier Grid Like on a super High End system

Envelopes to warp Bitmap on shapes
To make your life even easier we have added an envelope tool for when you need to warp a bitmap to a specific shape (flag, cone, etc.). This feature is super easy to use. Draw a rectangle over the start image, then pull and push the corners to create a new shape. The image inside will follow

* Distort with 3 Bezier Paths, Unique!!
* Larger Previews and Unique Pan&Zoom at any level of details
* Squizz supports LAB/RGB/CMYK, large images even rectangular!
* Squizz works on layers (keep the transparency)
* Squizz lets you distort to any kind of templates

* Perform Morphs and Tweening inside Photoshop! Yes you can do morphs with Squizz, no other tool is needed! Simply distort one image and register it as a Key Frame, you can do the same with another or more! Squizz will handle all the in-be tweening and create a QuickTime or an AVI file. Use GifBuilder and you will get a stunning animation for your web page.

Squizz vs Photoshop Liquefy:
* Brushes have no limits in Squizz (600 pixels limit in Liquefy),
* Brushes in Squizz are working through a virtual mechanism with the same speed whatever the picture size.
* Brushes feature also jitter and displace
* Warp rendering is faster in Squizz on large images
* Advanced Grids with full control over the way you create it perfect for label warp (grids are not available in Liquefy!)
* Envelopes (not available in Liquefy!)
* Coons and Path warping (not available in Liquefy!)
* Works with 16bits RGB/Grayscale Images (not available in Liquefy!)