COMPANY: Unique Imagery | URL: (See Buy link below) | TYPE: Actions | PLATFORM: Mac, Windows | PRICE: $59.95 per set (ESD)
Above: Original. Left: Mystique (left side), Vintage (right side) from the BW set. Lower left: Romantic + 1950s + mod-frame
Above: Original. Below: pop_art from Stylish FX
You can create elegant imagery in minutes with Gavin Phillips' Unique Imagery Actions. He's taken the concept a step further by including short Flash movies with his action sets. Sometimes a movie works in collaboration with an action. The action runs through 10-15 steps, and the movie shows you the next few manual-intervention steps required in order to finish the effect. Other times the movies show you specific techniques in Photoshop, such as applying custom artistic borders or creating a 'Glamour Gal' retouch effect.

What is an action?
A Photoshop action is a set of recorded steps in Photoshop that can then be replayed by simply pressing the play button in the actions palette.

Purpose of actions
Actions save you the time of manually going through repetitive tasks. Typical examples of using actions are converting to black and white, resizing images, converting RAW to JPG and saving images for the web. You can run an action on one photo at a time, or batch process dozens or thousands of images while you do something else.

Creative actions
As opposed to mere mechanical image processing, Gavin's creative actions produce beautiful tones or other elegant imagery by combining many sophisticated techniques into one action that may contain 20 or more steps. You can run the action on your photo by simply pressing the play button. The other great advantage of these actions is there is a great amount of flexibility and ways for you to further customize the look of your photograph.

One of the main purposes behind the creative action sets is to free up photographers' time and give them more creative ideas. Gavin has invested thousands of hours developing his actions and related materials so that you do not have to.

At the click of a button, or by watching a three-minute movie, you’ll have many new creative options and ways to distinguish yourself from the competition, inexpensively.

Gavin's Unique Imagery Actions are divided into four different effects sets:

1) Infrared & Elegant Tones
2) Stylish FX
3) BW, Unique Tones & Sloppy Borders
4) Portrait/Glamour Retouching

The actions are available for download or on CD. Gavin also offers training in the form of distance learning and personal seminars.
A still from one of the accompanying videos