Sticky Flypaper texture overlays for your images

Have you discovered the joy of adding texture overlays to your images? Textures are a quick and easy way to completely change the mood of a scene or to create instant artwork. As a special bonus you can even use them on their own as artistic backgrounds.

Jill and Paul over at Flypaper Textures have created (to date) 19 sets of gorgeous grunge and painterly textures and overlays for use in a wide range of scenarios. I reviewed these textures on the main website (along with a tutorial PDF showing how to use them) but here are some new works created with their just-released Waxworks Textures pack.

First, an overview of what’s included in this pack:

Now, let’s take some images and make something new out of them! First, a view of Catalina Island near sunset, without treatment:

Now we add the Eucalyptus texture in Overlay blending mode and tweak Levels a bit to increase the contrast of the texture:

That’s quite nice, and was extremely simple to do. BTW, you can also change the hue of the textures or even invert them, erase through parts of them, combine multiple textures, etc. Here’s a finished example where two textures were stacked on top of the base image, with a bit of erasing of the textures here and there as needed to reveal the underlying image:

The image of the ice skating rink sign benefited from use of the Vor texture, which looks a lot like ice crystals on a window:

Here’s the Vor texture on its own. All of these images are downsized here; the original resolution of the textures are about 4000 x 5600 pixels @ 300 ppi.:

Now that you get the idea, check out the Flypaper Textures website and my earlier review.

Thanks for reading! Please check out the main Plugs ‘n Pixels website.